Remote Workforce Solutions

RetailAid can quickly provide consult and set up your company with a unified, cloud-based communication system enabling your entire workforce to conduct business from any location and from any device.

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Remote Workforce

Point of Sale

Whether you need a single iPad POS for your hip café, or a PC-based multi-lane supermarket system, Retail Aid caters to your business by offering scalable, integrated options, that makes it easier to manage and grow your enterprise.

Communication Solutions

Never miss a call with our cloud-based or on-premise VOIP PBX system! With our HIPAA compliant, Salesforce and Outlook integrated unified communication system, we can offer cost-conscious or feature-demanding businesses the solutions you need to succeed.

Security Products

Don’t compromise the security of your business. Our experienced team can help install and integrate a CCTV upgrade to your existing system, implement an efficient access control solution, or even offer x-ray scanners and metal detectors for a more secure screening process.

Why RetailAid?

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver cost-competitive solutions that provide optimum flexibility and scalability for managing your business. RetailAid supports a broad range of industries and is a “one-stop-shop solution” for all your technology needs.

We provide integrated solutions including, but not limited to, point-of-sale, security and telephone systems that are just right for you. From unmatched expertise and reliable customer service to lifetime, 24 hour in-house technical support, our full list of service offerings means that we are with your every step of the way.

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Integrated Solutions to Power your Success

RetailAid has over 15 years experience in implementing integrated point of sale and management solutions for small and large businesses in multiple industries. With unmatched expertise and exceptional customer service to lifetime, 24 hour technical support, our full list of service offerings means that we are with your every step of the way.